Loyalty program

For our private customers we offer an ID-card based benefit card which gives a discount on fuel and other services. Benefits are valid while paying with a bank card or in cash.
You can register your ID-card at http://www.olerex.ee/id. Registration is simple and absolutely free.

To our loyal customers we offer the following benefits:

  • Save 2,4 cents per litre at petrol stations with attendants (gas as well)
  • Save 2,4 cents per litre at automatic petrol stations (gas as well)
  • Members of Olerex virtual family can save up to 3 cents per litre.
  • Car wash -10%
  • Coffee and cocoa drinks -10%
  • Trailer rent -10%

To create your own virtual family you can log in with your ID-card to our self-service system at https://iseteenindus.olerex.ee/

By registering as a loyal customer you automatically agree with the terms of processing your personal data for marketing purposes. Your personal information is secure from third parties and will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.