Good fuel quality is of vital importance for any car’s engine, which is why we keep our eye on the whole supply chain starting from the factory to the service station. All the fuel required in 2015 Olerex bought from a Lithuanian factory in Mažeikiai and a Finnish factory in Porvoo. As Olerex sells its fuel on the wholesale market as well, it requires the fuel only from the two factories mentioned above. Olerex does not require and hasn’t bought fuel from any other source on the fuel market. In cooperation with Estonian Tax and Customs Board we declare that the supply chain of Olerex is completely transparent, clean and open. To prove it, we regularly present our monthly data of the fuel purchases to the Tax and Customs Board. It is unknown to Olerex if other fuel companies present their data to the Tax and Customs Board. In case they don’t, we can claim that our supply chain is the most transparent on today’s fuel market in Estonia.

Taking all the above mentioned into consideration, we confirm that the whole supply chain of Olerex is absolutely transparent. To be sure of the purity of our supply chain, one can make the corresponding request to the Tax and Customs Board.