AS Olerex service stations sell propane gas cylinders. Cylinders are available in different sizes, mixed gas, barbecue gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and various helpful accessories.

When you buy a gas cylinder for the first time, you must pay for both gas and the cylinder. If you want to exchange an empty cylinder for a full one, you only need to pay for the gas unless you have a 21 kg "old red" balloon (these cylinders are no longer filled or sold.)

Price list:


Mixed gas 17 KG 33€
Mixed gas 11 KG 25€
Mixed gas 5 KG 14€
Mixed gas 3 KG 10€
Grilling gas 11 KG CLICK 26€
Grilling gas 10 KG PLAST 26€
Grilling gas 5 KG CLICK 15€
Grilling gas 5 KG PLAST 15€


Gas cylinder 17 KG 69€
Gas cylinder 11 KG 48€
Gas cylinder 10 KG PLAST 85€
Gas cylinder 5 KG PLAST 75€
Gas cylinder 5 KG TERAS 38€


Grill gas reducer 10 MM 13€
Mixed gas reducer 8 MM 6€
Hose 2 M 7€
Hose 3 M 9€