We support

Olerex is a socially responsible company that wishes to support the development of society through various projects, sponsorship and charity. We have chosen some of the most problematic social segments to support.

In 2015 we support the following fields: sport, culture, environmental protection and innovation. Olerex does not support individuals.

Olerex has been a partner in many projects:

  • A sponsor of Tallinn Sea Days 2015

Tallinna Merepäevad 2015 suurtoetajaTallinna Merepäevad 2015 suurtoetajaTallinna Merepäevad 2015 suurtoetajaTallinna Merepäevad 2015 suurtoetaja

  • We support the Estonian Rally Cross Championship

Toetame Eesti Meistrivõistlusi RallikrossisToetame Eesti Meistrivõistlusi RallikrossisToetame Eesti Meistrivõistlusi RallikrossisToetame Eesti Meistrivõistlusi Rallikrossis

  • Rapla Basketball School. Olerex was a sponsor of TYCO RAPLA basketball team in 2014/2015.

Rapla KorvpallikoolRapla KorvpallikoolRapla KorvpallikoolRapla Korvpallikool

Photos: Siim Solman

  • Tartu University/Rock Basketball Team. Olerex has been Tartu basketball team's official partner.

Tartu Ülikool/Rock Korvpallimeeskond

Photo: Andres Jalak

  • Car Orientation event in Tallinn. Olerex supported the car orientation event in spring with gift cards and numerous prizes.

Tallinna Autode Orienteerumine

Photo: Rene Pihlak

  • Pärnu Ice Festival 2012. Olerex supported the festival with fuel and awarded the best hockey teams - Tartu Rock hockey club took a second place went home with a bag of Olerex prizes.

Pärnu Jääfestival 2012

Photo: Maario Orgla

  • Charity Dog Match Show and trick contest. Olerex was giving out prizes to the best dogs and also gift cards to their owners – Kristjan Vällik won a gift card with a 30€ value.

Match Show ja trikivõistlus

Photo: Kadi Järve

  • Charity show "Home Feeling". In 2011 Olerex was "Home Feeling’s" fuel partner and helped to keep the show’s buses going.


Photo: Kristi Nilov

  • Young paddler Joosep Karlson. Olerex has supported the young paddler on his journey.

Nooraerutaja Joosep Karlson

Photo: Kaarel Alupere

  • Kosmikud band’s tour "Öö ei lase magada" in 2011. Olerex supported Kosmikud in their longest music tour through Estonia and Finland.

Kosmikute "Öö ei lase magada" tuur 2011

Foto: Ivo Musting

  • Mulgi Ralli 2011. Olerex was a big sponsor of Estonian Rally Championship’s final stage. Olerex had its own couple of competitors: Sander Pärn and Ken Järveoja.

 Mulgi Ralli 2011

Photo: Timo Anis

  • TriStar Estonia 2011. Olerex supported the biggest triathlon competition in Estonia.

TriStar Estonia 2011

Photo: Heidi Tarkpea/TriStar Estonia

  • auto24 Rally Estonia 2011. Olerex was a sponsor, official fuel partner and the only chain of fuel stations to sell the rally passes.

auto24 Rally Estonia 2011

Photo: Jaanus Ree

  • Kiviõli motorcycle festival 2011. Olerex was a sponsor and ticket distributor of the biggest motorcycle event of the year.

Kiviõli motofestival 2011

Foto: Karli Saul/Charliemedia

  • Estonian Football Association. In 2011 Olerex was Estonian Football Association's official fuel partner.

Eesti Jalgpalli Liit

Photo: Catherine Kõrtsmik

  • Estonian Rally Championship. Olerex was the name sponsor of the season.

Olerexi Eesti MV rallikrossis

 Photo: Pille Russi

  • Melliste triathlon. Olerex supported the traditional event for the 17th time.

Melliste triatlon

 Photo: Kalev Ints

  • Mad-Croc Rally Estonia 2010. Olerex had the honour to be the big sponsor of Markko Märtin.
    Mad-Croc Rally Estonia 2010
    Photo: Ahto Sooaru
  • Kiviõli Motorcycle Festival 2010. Olerex was the festival’s big sponsor.
    Kiviõli motofestival 2010.
    Photo: www.motokross.ee
  • Elion Estonian Cup 2010 - the biggest seasonal competition of motorcycle marathons in Estonia. Olerex on was the fuel partner of the season.Elion Estonian Cup 2010

    The list will continue to be updated…