Olerex is a socially responsible company that wishes to contribute to the development of society through environment-friendly behaviour, various support projects and charity. Being the biggest oil company in Estonia we are proud of the fact that all our profit stays in the home country and that we employ about 600 people.

Through a variety of projects we support sports, culture, environmental protection and innovation.

Our main values ​​are:

  1. Integrity - our business always corresponds with the law. We fulfill our promises and act ethically.
  2. Respect - we treat others the same way as we expect them to treat us. We respect our customers and partners and take their interests seriously.
  3. Entrepreneurship - we are result-oriented in our activities.
  4. Reliability - we sell only high-quality fuel which guarantees safe driving.
  5. Greening - we behave in an environmentally friendly manner so our business pollutes the environment in the smallest possible volume.