Fuel wholesale

AS Olerex is offering fuel wholesale in two ways. It is possible to fill the client’s container in the terminal or deliver the fuel to the client’s container in a “Fuel Taxi”.

How to order gasoline, diesel fuel or marked diesel fuel:

  • Call 6 100 107 during the week from 8:30 to 16:00
  • Send your order or ask for an offer by e-mail hulgi@olerex.ee
  • Place your order via internet

Wholesale conditions

  • In Harjumaa the minimal order amount is 1000 litres
  • The fuel is available in the terminals to the client’s authorised person or delivered to the client’s container in a “Fuel Taxi”.
  • On customer's request, we also offer a transportation service. The price depends on the distance and fuel quantity. To order transportation, please ask for an offer.

Fuel Taxi

Fuel Taxi is a convenient way for deliveries of fuel for home heating or to business objects. It is possible to order Fuel Taxi as a single-time service or for a longer period. For the best conditions sign a supply contract with Olerex for a longer period. The fuel is delivered within a week. The exact delivery time will be agreed with you in advance.


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